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Experience flying freedom

AirPass is an all-inclusive, pre-paid membership that offers unrivaled flexibility, VIP privileges and elite status.

Travel on your terms

Flyers seeking an on-demand, all-inclusive and elevated travel experience can enjoy full flexibility and VIP benefits like complimentary Admirals Club® membership with AirPass. With no cancellation or change fees and fixed-rate fares over your membership term, AirPass members have peace of mind knowing that no matter when you book your flight or how many changes you make, your fares remain consistent.

Annual AirPass memberships can be tailored to your business or personal needs with both individual and shared options.

AirPass customer enjoying American Airlines flight in Business class while working on his laptop
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An elevated experience

Whether traveling for business or leisure, AirPass members receive savings on last-minute travel and VIP privileges starting on day one. There's something for everyone to love about the AirPass program.

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Fixed-rate fares

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No change or cancellation fees

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VIP benefits

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Premium seating

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Savings on last-minute travel

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Companion travel

How it works

AirPass provides members the freedom and flexibility to fly across American’s expansive network, providing access to hundreds of destinations across the globe. Get started in a matter of minutes and fund your pre-paid annual membership using a credit card, check, wire transfer or UATP. Individual and shared memberships start at $10,000 per person, providing the available balance for pre-paid travel during your membership term.

Fares can easily be calculated using the AirPass pricing tool and remain constant throughout the membership term making budgeting predictable.

When it's time to travel, AirPass members can use their pre-paid travel funds and book online via American Airlines reservations or their travel agent. Members can also conveniently book AirPass travel for a colleague or companion and share their VIP amenities when traveling together.

laptop with AirPass website on the screen

Understanding AirPass fares

AirPass fares remain constant throughout your membership term no matter when you book your travel, offering significant savings versus last-minute fares. Members have access to additional savings for trips booked more than seven days in advance.

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business woman walking in the airport with her rollerboard luggage

With a simple fare calculation, AirPass members have peace of mind and the convenience of knowing travel costs in advance.

For example:

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Chicago (ORD) in Main Cabin


miles flown


cost per mile


cabin multiplier

AirPass fare
(plus taxes & fees)

Calculate sample AirPass fares for your most popular routes

Simply enter the origin and destination of your desired one-way trip below and click "Submit for price" to see the AirPass base fare estimate for each one-way trip. Note that fares shown do not include taxes and fees.


Business man on laptop seated at a gate in the airport.

Ready to get started?

To join AirPass and unlock exclusive membership benefits and VIP amenities, simply click "Get started" below or call AirPass Customer Service at 800-433-6355.

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